REACH - Statement

The REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 is the European Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, which came into force in 2007.
According to this EU regulation, substances that are imported or manufactured in quantities of more than 1 ton per year must be registered by 31 May 2018 at the latest. Some groups of substances are exempted from this registration requirement. These include polymers and biocidal active substances. The latter are already subject to the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 and are therefore already considered to be registered under REACH. Monomers, on the other hand, have to be properly REACH registered.
We face up to the challenges of REACH and assure you that all our products and their ingredients are pre-registered, registered or exempted from the REACH registration requirement and are ready for distribution throughout the EU.
Due to the high costs that result from a REACH registration, it is expected that many companies will not produce certain substances after the end of the transition period on May 31, 2018. We are therefore in close contact with our producers and suppliers to check the registration status of our raw materials. At present, we do not expect our product range to change considerably beyond May 2018 due to REACH. Should it however be necessary to modify our product range, we will inform all affected customers in order to find efficient solutions - promptly and together.

Material Safety Data Sheets (SDB / MSDS)

Our material safety data sheets comply with the regulations and specifications of REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, Art. 31 in conjunction with Annex II. The safety data sheets are checked and updated regularly so that we can provide you with a correct and detailed material safety data sheet for all our products at any time.  

Some countries have introduced lists of chemicals (inventories) in which all chemicals that are manufactured or imported into a country are listed. In countries where such an inventory exists, a substance can only be manufactured, imported or distributed if it is listed in the respective inventory. The corresponding listing status is indicated in our country-specific material safety data sheets. 

Classification and labelling

The classification and labelling of our products is subject to CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 and we do our utmost to get the best possible classification of our products for the benefit of our customers. As part of our product development, we therefore put a special focus on the classification of our raw materials when selecting them.

SVHC - Statement

SVHC ("Substances of Very High Concern") are published by the European Chemicals Agency “ECHA” in the so-called "Candidate List".
The Candidate List is the list of substances which may be included in Annex XIV. With its inclusion in Annex XIV, the substance is now subject to authorisation.
Although the SVHC status alone does not lead to a registration requirement, there arise far-reaching information duties in the supply chain.

As part of the implementation of REACH in our company, we have paid particular
attention to identifying and avoiding SVHC substances in our products and replacing them with more harmless substances wherever possible. Only a few products still contain a small proportion of SVHC substances, only one above the allowed limit. For the relevant information please refer to our safety data sheets, Section 3. As required in the REACH Regulation, Article 33, SVHC substances above the allowed limit are clearly indicated there. Our future aim is to replace the remaining SVHC components step by step with safer raw materials and to ensure that substances of such concern will not be used in new developments.