EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

In the past weeks and months there has been an increased demand on EPDs for different additives. A EPD is seen as a technical data sheet or product related document – which is not the case in practice.

What is a EPD?

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a fact-based information for the categorization of a product, environmental parameters as well as transport information. It also includes the impact on the life cycle, recycling, and disposal of the end product.
Click here for more information: What is an EPD? | Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (ibu-epd.com)


How is an EPD developed? 

An EPD contains a wide variety of information. This not only includes the raw materials but also assesses the process itself as well as transportation and usage. All these environmental and process parameters and evaluation certificates are necessary for the detailed assessment. Only then experts can create a preliminary environmental product declaration that must be verified by an independent party. This allows the entire life circle of a product to be described precisely.


What does an EPD include? 

This does not contain just any figures or imprecise estimates, but rather adds up the environmental impact of the material over its entire life cycle, from extraction, through the utilization phases to recycling or even disposal. This complex preparation of the life cycle assessment does not end in a fixed figure, but results in many influencing factors such as the consumption of fossil resources, the consumption of water, but also the emission of greenhouse gases and the impact on air and rain. This is a highly complex and cost-intensive calculation process that can only be carried out by specially trained and certified personnel before it is checked again by an independent party.


Who is responsible for creating an EPD? 

Mainly responsible: Firstly, REMEI & BPB GmbH & Co. KG & BETRA Beton- und Baustoffverfahrenstechnik GmbH. Secondly, the service provider that works through the life cycle assessment and the documentary for the EPD Thirdly, the company, who carries out the verification and thus the review of the documents


Sample EPD? 

Due to the complexity of this topic, the required time involved, and the significant costs associated, manufacturers of construction chemical products have agreed to develop sample EPDs for specific product groups in collaboration with the European Federation of Concrete Admixtures Associations (EFCA) for: 

Concrete plasticizers/flow agents 
Air entraining agents 
Sealing agents 
Setting accelerators 
Hardening accelerators 
Manufacturers confirm the applicability of the sample EPD for their respective product through a document. This document is often referred to as a "Declaration of Conformity" or "Environmental Declaration." Work is currently underway on sample EPDs for other product groups such as pigments, color slurries, etc., even though these have only a marginal impact on the overall calculation of concrete. However, this is proving to be extremely complex due to the wide range of raw materials and mixing spectra involved. Additionally, there is an overload of notifying bodies, which are faced with a significant number of inquiries.



Whats the procedure for creating the first EPD?

April – May 2024 
We are content to inform you that we have found a service provider. We have already discussed deadlines and goals.
July – August 2024 
The process for creating the first EPD involves data collection, which will take us approximately 2 months to complete. 

August – September/October 2024 
The service provider will then work on data modeling, conduct a life cycle assessment and documentation. 

November – December 2024 
We will provide you with information as soon as we have the first EPD ready for verification. We do hope to have a verified EPD by the end of the year. The EPD is then valid for 5 years. 

We would like to inform you that due to the amendment of the Construction Products Regulation at the end of 2024, EPDs may need to be included as part of the Declaration of Performance. 

As soon as we have additional documents available, we will promptly forward them to you to ensure the best possible completion of the final calculation.