Our company policy

We, REMEI & BPB GmbH, are trader and manufacturer and bridge the gap between the chemical industry and the concrete industry.

With our integrated Management System (quality and environment) we are tackling our tasks in a structured manner which means the systematic fulfilment of requirements and expectations towards our business partners: our customers, suppliers, members of staff, the owners, the environment as well as the authorities and the people.

  • Quality
    Not only the quality of the offered products and services is affected, but also the quality of the human relations in the company reflecting in the personal relationship with our customers.
  • Environment
    A basic company's object is to keep the environmental impact as low as possible and to promote the environmental awareness of our staff.
  • Focus on customers
    The activities of all company divisions are adapted to the requirements of our internal and external customers as well as all other interested third parties.
  • Principle of continuous improvement
    It is our constant effort to become permanently better in all respects which is reflected especially in an improvement of the key figures, in a reduction of environmental impacts and an increase of the efficiency.
  • Compliance with legal requirements
    We control the compliance of legal, official and other regulatory requirements. Of course we commit ourselves to obeying these requirements.

Blomberg, 01.01.2024

Matthias Goldschmidt