REMEI - BPB Environmental idea

We cannot change the world, but we can lend a hand to enhance it.
That’s how to specify our basic idea on introduction of our eco-standard (Öko-Standard).

We award some of our products with the blue rating "CO2 efficient". The application of these products is a synonym for reducing the emission of CO2.

A confusing statement which, however, is easily comprehensible: 
For instance, you can save a large quantity of cement by using preparations from our product portfolio, like REBAflow, REBAcem or REDUCEM® XXL.

The cement production is an industry that traditionally causes very high carbon dioxide emissions.  Saving up to 30 kg cement per m³ concrete without any quality loss is quite possible. 

The logo Ecological (ÖKOlogisch) stands for products which have been produced from renewable raw materials. Thus we reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.

We expand and enhance this environmental awareness in our company. 
In order to protect the environment and the people who get in touch with these materials every day.